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App Development Cornwall

Web Apps are the new masters of mobile. We develop professional apps made for mobile while still running on the web meaning it’s a super slick website and Mobile App in one. So your customers get to use it on the device of their choice, without any memory-busting downloads. And it works offline too. Meanwhile, you’re free from the constraints of the app store.

Need a booking form? Social media feeds? Event updates and push notifications? Put all this, and more, at your audience’s fingertips.

No App Store (Progressive Web Apps)

Progressive Web Apps – or PWA – are becoming an increasingly key part of the web. Bringing together the capabilities of native apps with the accessibility of websites, while bypassing the need for app stores entirely by being distributable via SMS, URL, Social Media, QR code or website widget. Customers will be prompted to add the PWA to their home screen, offering the same visibility and access as a native app – according to ComScore, this home screen access results in 86% more engagement!

Push Notifications

Push Notifications allow you to instantly notify your customers with a custom message straight to their phones! Use this powerful feature to offer instant discounts and promote special deals, or to announce the launch of a new product. Engage with your app’s users to cement customer loyalty, driving growth and sales.

Member Login

In the digital-age it is important to ensure any content shared online reaches the right people in a secure way. With this in mind, we have decided to include an additional layer of security to the Mobile App platform – Member Login.


With the ratings component you can gather ratings from your users in all areas of your app – our rating system works on a 5-star basis where each responder can choose between 1 and 5 stars to rate an option.

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